Why Buy Art From Artists Online?

Why Buy Art From Artists Online?

  1. Online art is often cheaper than gallery prices

Art galleries add on their own mark-up, often as much as 50%. Therefore, a painting you sell for $500 will be selling for $1000, which could put it out of price range for a lot of people.

But, online artists (those who not gallery represented) can set their own prices, which are often much cheaper. This doesn’t make the art less valuable. It only means that artist takes it upon themselves to do the promoting work that art galleries do, and doesn’t add on an extra amount for it.

So you can make plenty of savings by buying direct.


  1. Support struggling artists from around the world

There are many extremely talented artists around the world who are struggling to make ends meet. By buying art from online artists, you will be helping support them and enabling them to create more art. Online self-represented artists with websites need money to pay for art suppliers, hosting costs, marketing expenses, and more.


  1. Can learn about the artist before buying

Looking at the artist’s past artworks, their artist statement, bio, and more at an online portfolio, art collectors can learn much about the artist, without being pressured into buying.

You can reach out to the artist directly if you have any queries or concerns which enhances the purchasing process with a more personal touch. Most if not all artists will happily answer any questions and help with any additional issues.


  1. It is easier to find a specific piece that will look good in your home.

On the internet, there is a much greater selection of artists than in any art gallery. It is not difficult to search for artworks at all. They can be found on Facebook, and at many free online portfolio websites, such as Fine Art America, Saatchi Online, and more.

Buying from the artist directly gives you a chance to become part of the community, follow their most recent exhibitions and artworks via newsletter. If you like a particular piece so much, there is a much bigger chance you will like other artworks from the same artist rather than new works from a complete stranger.


  1. You are not pressured into buying.

Art collectors can view artworks in their own time without having someone influence their decision to buy.


  1. Can scan prices and see what fits in your budget.

Many artist websites have prices listed for artworks. Scan through these and see which artworks you can afford. Sometimes there is a Paypal Buy Now button or shopping cart to purchase the artwork right away. If you need to ask any questions before buying, simply send an email.

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